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Airtech ProductsFoundation brake and air suspension components

  • Suspension bushes
  • S-cam’s and s-cam bushes
  • Slip aligners
  • Air springs (air bags) … and many more


Air brake components

  • New and rebuilt air valves (e.g four circuit, trailer control,
    exhaust brake buttons, square relays etc)
  • New and rebuilt compressors
  • Clutch servo’s
  • Nylon tubing
  • Fittings … and many more

Airtech Products


Groeneveld Auto Lube Systems

  • Pumps
  • Pipes and fittings
  • Grease



  • We supply clutch kits to customer specifications.


Jaltest computer diagnostic software

We are also equipped with Jaltest computer diagnostic software for fault finding on European and American Vehicles.

Accredited Agent

We are an accredited Service Partner for WABCO airbrake components and are equipped with WABCO diagnostic computer software for fault finding.


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