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Airtech | ServicesMobile Service

  • Mobile workshops.
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Specialised / Trained technicians to attend to your specific vehicle concerns.


Workshop and stores

  • Reline and fitment of brake shoes.
  • Lube services (trucks and trailers).
  • Repairs to Airbrake valves on trucks and trailers.
  • Repairs to mechanical and air suspensions (suspension bushes, s-cam, s-cam bushes, bearing adjustments, slack adjusters).
  • Reconditioning of parts e.g. air valve compressors.
  • Installations (electrical compressor, trailer control, full brake and ABS/EBS).
  • Clutches – fitment on trucks and LDV’s. Terms and conditions apply.


Boiler Maker

  • Chassis repairs to Trucks and Trailers
  • Air suspension installations.
  • Professional Welding


Auto Electrical

  • All Onboard Diagnostics
  • New engine Looms made up.
  • Vehicle diagnostics
  • Starters
  • Alternators.
  • Trailer Rewire.


Jaltest  diagnostics equipment

  • Diagnostics: Recording and description of the errors registered on each of the control units.
  • Actuation of Components: Possibility of interacting and sending orders on the different systems using Jaltest
  • Recalibration:  of air suspension ride heights; Loadsensing brake pressures; Retarders; Engine brake; Speed sensors;
  • Values Measuring: Measuring and Displaying of up to 8 values simultaneously; Information on the ranges of reference values.
  • Parameters: Configuration, copying and pasting of parameters.
  • System data: Information on the system configuration and ECU data.
  • Errors clearance: Errors clearance on the control unit and turning off of failure lamps
  •  End-of-line test: It offers the possibility of performing this compulsory process when replacing EBS units.


Top of the range equipment in Multi-brand diagnostics.

Accident Reports

We will:

  • Investigate
  • Photograph
  • Analyse
  • Submit a professional written report.


Brake Response Test

  • Carried out to SABS/ECE/R13 (1996) specifications using WABCO callibrated response test equipment.
  • Written report submitted.
  • Your place or ours. Our equipment is mobile.

C.O.F – Certificate of Fitness to trucks and trailers

We will:

  • Obtain list of defects from roadworthy testing station.
  • We will accompany your driver or we can arrange to take vehicle on your behalf. Terms and conditions apply.
  • Undertake repairs as per defect list.

Groeneveld Auto Lube Systems

  • Installations on trucks, trailers and earth moving equipment.
  • After service repairs.
  • Refilling of grease pumps.

Fleet Checks:
Free of charge to approved customers. Terms and conditions apply.

Quotations: Free of charge. Terms and conditions apply.

Delivery:  Free delivery. Terms and conditions apply.


Jaltest computer diagnostic software

We are also equipped with Jaltest computer diagnostic software for fault finding on European and American Vehicles.

Accredited Agent

We are an accredited Service Partner for WABCO airbrake components and are equipped with WABCO diagnostic computer software for fault finding.


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